The Main Event Meeting Equipment

Whether you are putting together next year's budget or having a kick off for the entire sales team, The Main Event has the equipment and services you need to make your meeting perfect.  From a small projector to attach to your PC to a 40' wide stage for your upcoming customer event, we have the support equipment you need to make your event outstanding.  Of course, we have sound reinforcement equipment, wireless microphones, etc. to ensure that your message is heard loud and clear throughout the room.  Finally, if you are looking to really make a splash, or merely want to be seen by a large crowd, our lighting designers are available to optimize your event, ensuring that your message is both heard and remembered.

A partial list of our meeting equipment, along with prices, is included in our price list, which is available for download.  Also, please take the time to look thru our thumbnail pages which have photos from a few of the events we have supported.